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DJI Mavic 3E RTK - Exposure setting for drone mapping - Shutter Priority mode
DJI Mavic 3E RTK - Exposure setting for drone mapping - Shutter Priority mode
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This guide demonstrates how to configure the camera of your drone for topographical missions within the DJI Pilot 2 app.

Begin by setting the Shutter Priority mode and pre-selecting an estimated Shutter Speed based on current weather conditions. Note that this can be adjusted during the mission.

At the start of the photogrammetry mission, switch from the map view to the camera view by tapping the video preview located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Pause the mission with a button on your RC.

Access the Camera Settings menu by tapping the Camera settings button.

Ensure that the Shutter Priority mode is enabled.

Set ISO to 100 (or 200 in very dark weather).

Adjust the EV setting according to the following guidelines:

  • Sunny weather: -0.7

  • Slightly overcast weather: -0.3

  • Dark weather or mapping dark objects: 0

Note: Ensure the EV setting is a negative value by clicking the minus button.

Slide the Shutter Speed value to achieve the appropriate Aperture value based on weather conditions:

  • Overcast weather (fully or mostly covered sky): Aperture 3.2

  • Sunny or partly cloudy weather (including fast-moving clouds): Aperture 4.0

Note: Do not set the Shutter Speed higher than 1/2000; let the Aperture value compensate for exposure in such cases.

If the Shutter Speed is below 320, limit the drone speed to avoid motion blur.

For DJI Mavic 3E RTK users, be aware that the camera switches to Electronic Shutter if the shutter speed exceeds 1/2000s. Keep the shutter speed in the range of 1/320s to 1/2000s to avoid distortions caused by the Electronic Shutter on a moving drone.

Resume the mission.

Ensure that the drone speed is adjusted according to the shutter speed to minimize motion blur. Follow these guidelines:

  • Shutter speed 1/100: 1.5 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/120: 2 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/160: 3 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/200: 4 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/240: 5 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/320: 6 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/400: 10 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/500: 12 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/640: 15 m/s

  • Shutter speed 1/800: 15 m/s

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