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Step by step guide to export the drawing to KML format
Step by step guide to export the drawing to KML format

Learn how to easily extract the area of interest from your project’s DWG/DXF drawing to KML/KMZ format for Google Earth Pro

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Why and when should you do that?

Sometimes all you have from the client are the drawings from the CAD software. This step is necessary to determine the area of interest and export it to KML/KMZ format. This format is widely used

With Civil3D

  1. Open the drawing in Autodesk Civil3D

  2. Draw a boundary with polyline tool around the area of interest to include all the terrain that needs to be mapped

  3. Select only the boundary and copy it

  4. Open a new Drawing

  5. Paste to the original coordinates option

  6. Go to Drawing Settings in the top left corner menu

  7. Set the Coordinate Reference System of the drawing.

  8. Now you can make sure that the project is in the right location by using the GEOMAP command with Aerial satellite data

  9. Once the Civil 3D view is active, go to Toolbox in the left menu and click Miscellaneous Utilities

  10. Click Export KML

  11. Click Next until you reach the export file path

  12. Choose where to export the file

  13. Click Export

Now you can use the exported KML in Google Earth PRO or in Inflights platform (boundary only).

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