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DJI Phantom 4 RTK - Exposure setting for drone mapping - Shutter Priority mode
DJI Phantom 4 RTK - Exposure setting for drone mapping - Shutter Priority mode

Learn how to properly set the exposure camera settings for DJI Phantom 4 RTK!

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This document describes the exposure setting procedure for drone mapping missions in the DJI GS RTK app.

While creating a photogrammetry mission set the Shutter Priority mode and pre-set the Shutter Speed according to the weather. An estimated shutter speed is enough. You will change it later during the mission.

In the very beginning of photogrammetry mission switch from the map view to the camera view by tapping the video preview in the lower left corner of the screen.

Pause the mission!

Go to the Camera Settings menu by tapping the Camera settings button:

Make sure the Shutter Priority mode is enabled.

ISO is fixed at 100 (or 200 if it is very dark weather).

Change the EV setting to:

  • -0.7 if it is sunny weather

  • -0.7 if mapping a bright building (Inflights Roof Mapping)

  • -0.3 if it is slightly overcast weather

  • 0 if it is dark weather

  • 0 if you are mapping dark objects like coal stockpiles or other dark objects

  • 0 for agriculture field mapping projects

Make sure this is a negative value! You can do it by clicking the minus button under the EV setting.

Now slide the Shutter Speed value so the Aperture value is:

  • Aperture 3.2 if it is overcast weather (sky fully or mostly covered by clouds)

  • Aperture of 4.0 if the weather is sunny or partly cloudy. This includes fast moving clouds!

Never set the Shutter Speed more than 1600. In this case let the Aperture value compensate for the exposure of the pictures.

If you see Shutter Speed lower than 320, then limit the drone speed!

DJI Phantom 4 RTK camera switches the shutter it uses for Electronic Shutter once the shutter speed is set to be faster than 1/1600s.
Electronic Shutter produces distortions on a moving drone so keep you shutter speed in a range from 1/320s to 1/1600s.

Now resume the mission!

Make sure that the drone speed is set according to the shutter speed!

Set the Flying Speed according to shutter speed to minimize the motion blur.

We don’t accept blurry images!

- Shutter speed 1/100: 1.5 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/120: 2 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/160: 3 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/200: 4 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/240: 5 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/320: 6 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/400: 10 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/500: 10 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/640: 10 m/s

- Shutter speed 1/800: 10 m/s

- Etc.

- NEVER FLY FASTER THAN 10 M/S (due to minimum required time between captures)

If you want to learn more check out our YOUTUBE channel for free tutorials:

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