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Ground Control Points for drone mapping – complete tutorial
Ground Control Points for drone mapping – complete tutorial

Learn how to properly distribute, mark and measure Ground Control Points

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This tutorial will walk you through the entire GCP process including definition, distribution, marking and measuring.

Ground Control Points (GCPs) are essential to produce accurate and reliable photogrammetry data. This is why, in most cases, we require our pilots to capture several GCPs.

Instead of writing pages and pages of articles, we decided to record a comprehensive tutorial series:

Part 1 – Definition and distribution

Part 2 – Planning GCP location in Google Earth PRO

Part 3 – Proper marking of GCPs

Part 4 – Measuring GCPs

Part 5 – What GCP specific factors impact drone mapping data accuracy

We hope that those videos are useful. Please make sure you watch it few times.

Safe flying,

Inflights Team

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